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Hey Bob. What a tremendous post. And I have to say I see these pics all the time...all the time and I can't for one second remember what they're for. So, I'm going to throw out a guess--the first is for a personal ad in the City Paper and the second is for Ross Park Mall???? I know those are wrong, but am I even in the right township or newspaper?


Hi Kathie -- the first pic IS a newspaper ad, but not from the City Paper. And the second isn't FOR Ross Park Mall -- but it is located very close to there, which is probably why you associated it with the mall.


The second is for Mattress Discounters or something like that on McKnight Road. I see her cool 1988ish Nickelodeon pose every day driving to work.


Breast enhancement surgery and Tiffany albums.


Even though he's wrong, I think yellojkt should win because his picks are what the girls SHOULD be advertising.

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